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Now available—American Apartheid: The Native American Struggle for Self-Determination and Inclusion

This short video includes images and descriptions from my book, now available wherever books are sold, including online from the publisher at  American Apartheid: The Native American Struggle fo r Self-Determination and Inclusion .  The video can be seen on YouTube at: v=mx1jJZkMGxU&

Navajo Candidate Kicked Off Utah Ballot Files Suit

This article was first published on the  Rural America In These Times  site in August 2018. Willie Greyeyes, third from left, stands with fellow Utah Diné Bikéyah board members at a 2015 Bears Ears gathering. Diné Bikéyah means “people’s sacred lands” in Navajo.   (Image: S an Juan County, Utah’s white Republican establishment isn’t going down without a fight in this year’s elections—or at least a whole lot of shenanigans. That’s according to a new  federal lawsuit  filed by Willie Grayeyes, a Navajo candidate for one of the three seats on the county commission. San Juan County is challenging Grayeyes’s residency, just as it did during the 2012 election. Grayeyes passed muster then, and the county ended up certifying him as eligible to run for office.  This time though, the county is giving the challenge its best shot. According to the lawsuit by Grayeyes, a Navajo and Democrat, the county has nixed his right to run for the commission seat in District 2