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UPDATE! First-Ever Native American Presidential Forum Showcases Growing Electoral Clout

This article was first published in  In These Times  magazine in August 2019.   For more on topics like this, please see my book,  American Apartheid: The Native American Struggle for Self-Determination and Inclusion . UPDATE SEPT 6, 2019 — As soon as the lights went out on the first-ever Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City, host organization Four Directions headed for North Carolina. There the voting-rights group, headed by OJ and Barb Semans, Rosebud Sioux, began delivering Lumbee tribe members to early-voting offices for a special election in the state’s District 9.  Then Hurricane Dorian hit. The state closed early-voting locations in four counties, including the one where most Lumbees live. Determined to fight for voting equality in the most difficult circumstances, Four Directions successfully petitioned the state board of elections to make up the lost hours with extra time on Friday and Saturday, September 6 and 7. “We got the hours,” said Four Directions c