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Tribes Work for World Heritage Designation of Ohio Earthworks

This article first appeared on Rural America In These Times in December 2019.  For more on topics like this, see my book,  American Apartheid: The Native American Struggle for Self-Determination and Inclusion. Ohio's monumental earthworks were laid out with a “god’s eye view” in mind, says a research team. I n October, Chief Billy Friend of the  Wyandotte Nation  addressed a crowd in Dublin, Ohio. It was a celebration of the city’s new  Ferris-Wright Park , which features examples of the ancient geometric earthworks and mounds, or artificial hills, that dot the state. A newly appointed member of the board of trustees of the state’s history agency, Ohio History Connection, Chief Friend greeted the throng and introduced himself in the Wyandot language. He then shifted to English, explaining that tribal elders chose his name. “It means ‘he who talks a long time,’” he quipped. Responding to nervous laughter, he assured listeners that his remarks would be brief. Ancestors