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Plant a Tree and Save the World—Easier Than You Think!

A version of this article was published by  Rural America In These Times in June 2018.  For more on topics like this, see my book,  American Apartheid: The Native American Struggle for Self-Determination and Inclusion. TNAFA director Clayton Apikan Brascoupé takes a break from teaching. D on’t despair, if you feel political decisions nowadays are not being made on your behalf—or even against your wishes, says Clayton Apikan Brascoupé, a Mohawk farmer who has lived and worked for many years at Tesuque Pueblo, in New Mexico.  His solution? “Start by planting trees,” Brascoupé advises. “They are a positive answer to climate change and much more. Trees build up soils organically and increase their water-holding capacity. They sequester excess climate-altering carbon dioxide. They attract beneficial insects that help other crops and produce food, medicine, building material and other useful items. Planting them can transform a community.”  Brascoupé directs the  Traditional