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Removing the Stain of Wounded Knee

This story first appeared on  Rural America In These Times  in July 2019.  For more on topics like this, see my book,  American Apartheid: The Native American Struggle for Self-Determination and Inclusion . B odies frozen in the snow, a baby with five bullet wounds, small children shot at such close range their clothes and bodies were singed with gunpowder. Lieutenant General Nelson Miles was shocked by what he found at Wounded Knee. He arrived from his headquarters in Rapid City, S.D., several days after the carnage, which occurred December 29, 1890. A battle-hardened Civil War veteran, he was appalled by what he called in a letter to his wife, “ the most abominable criminal military blunde r and a horrible massacre of women and children.”  Back l to r, Reps Cook, Haaland, and Heck with Marcella LeBeau. Over Miles’s objections, 20 Congressional Medals of Honor were soon awarded to the U.S. Army soldiers involved. When more medals were suggested later in 1891, Miles called th